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Patent and Trademark Office Searchablf to guide examiners deciding whether an invention is too close to a natural product to deserve patent protection. Those policies reach far beyond what the high court intended, biotech representatives say.

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At the meeting, attorneys and executives fretted over the fate of patent applications for inventions involving naturally occurring products—including chemical compounds, mlep, seeds, and vaccines—and traded stories of recent, unexpected rejections by USPTO. Industry leaders warned that the uncertainty could chill efforts to commercialize scientific discoveries made at universities and companies. Some plan to appeal the rejections in federal court. USPTO officials, meanwhile, implored attendees to send them suggestions on how to clarify and improve its new policies on patenting natural products, and even announced that they were extending the deadline for public comment by a month.

At the heart of the shake-up are two Supreme Court decisions: It examined about patent applications that included claims linked to natural products or laws of nature that USPTO reviewed between April and March There are pmep historical numbers for comparison. In March, USPTO released draft guidance designed to help its examiners decide such questions, setting out 12 factors for them to weigh. So that leaves you with an average of a little over 2 minutes to search for each question. Although the computerized version of the exam does offer an electronic MPEP in PDF format with a search function, the search function is limited.

That means you have to know exactly which chapter or supplement the question is covered in.

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From there, the MPEP viewer will take you to the first instance of that search string Swarchable in that document. The viewer will take you to all the different instances, one at a time. As you can see, practicing ahead of time using the MPEP to look up questions is going to help you out. One way to fast-track learning the MPEP chapters is to try using flashcards.

Many of our clients are finding it very helpful. The next tip is to use specific Searcnable strings. In fact, often, you can copy and paste a small snippet of the question or even one of the answer choices into the search box and use that as your search string. With enough thought on your search string selection, you may be able to get to the right section of the MPEP chapter with one or two clicks.

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