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My decision to write my master thesis at the Srasbourg of Se turned out to be the best I could make. Not only because the city of Strasbourg has it 5 when it comes to the history, art, and institutions of Europe but also because I have received so much support and encouragement from my professors and supervisor at the University of Strasbourg that it still lasts even now, five months after my graduation. During my stay in Strasbourg I could improve my French knowledge, which is really necessary if you want to take the most out of living and studying in a French city. In short, I have a lot to be thankful for to Strasbourg: Caroline, France Coming from Strasbourg, studying in that city was not new.

But it gave me a real insight in its European institutions and their functioning. Not only in theory, but also in practice by visiting them and meeting civil servants and parliamentarians. I particularly liked the classes on European politics and on European governance.

Plus, the international class atmosphere gives you a wide range of point of views in debates and discussions. Paul-Gilbert, France I was a Euroculture student from until My home university was the university of Strasbourg. Thus I spent my first semester in this beautiful microcosm and decided to get back for my fourth and final semester. Strasbourg is in the East of France. Thanks to its proximity with Germany and its history, Strasbourg enjoys a multicultural, entertaining and varied atmosphere and embodies many of the European ideas I got to study during the Euroculture programme.

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