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Devastated, Rich turns to his womanizing half-brother Wes Corey Feldman for comfort, who encourages him to do everything to get Megan back. He follows her to a bar, where she is seen giving a large sum of money to a criminal-looking man.

Rich catches her getting intimate with the guy, and knocks him down as a response. Megan then apologizes to Rich, and claims that she did not think that he really loved her and was only testing him in order to see how much he would be willing to do for her. He immediately takes her back, and they accompany each other to a bar, where Wes always hangs out with his sluta. While Rich hilfidld arguing with Darla, who accuses him of going out with her only because of her money, Megan is seen talking with Wes. As they go to their home together, they run into Cy, who calls his daughter a slut for bringing a boy home, resulting in a huge fight between them. Rich decides to go home, where he finds Wes sleeping with Darla.

Enraged, he tries to beat up Wes, but Darla stops them by informing Rich that he does not own her; later, Rich apologizes to Wes, saying that he should not have taken his feelings of anger out on him, and Wes accepts while remarking that it had been a while since they "had a few rounds"and then apologizes for what he did. Rich decides to return to Megan's place, where she — fed up with fighting with her father — convinces him that her father killed her mother and that they should kill him, and run off with the money.

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However, Rich, blinded by the potently sexual relationshipis in two minds about what to do. The next day, Rich and Wes are shocked to find out that Darla has been killed in a horse riding accident. In I began an extensive research study of Claude Cahun for an essay. Cahun was a 19th century surrealist photographer, writer, and feminist whom experimented with self-portraiture as a way to inwardly escape the oppressions of Nazi regime. Although doctors have diagnosed my prognosis as promising, I continue to incorporate abstract fantasy tableaux of neurosis and emotions of angst as they shed light on my disease and create a cathartic and therapeutic neurological relief stimulated by the photographic discipline itself.

Every time I go through something scary…I survive by taking pictures. My point is I could have painted my concept, made a collage, written a song or poem. Photography is simply my art tool of choice. What is your process when creating? I tend to sketch a new vision on paper or write the idea for it on my smart phone first. It may sit there for moths or I may execute it within a week or two, provided I bought or have the materials needed. Who are you influenced by? What inspired you and your art? Jessica Woodman is another influence, but not just because her images have a volume that screams in my ears, but also because of their beauty.

Or the soft, warm, and mysterious spaces of Utah Barth. What does feminism mean to you and do you consider yourself to be a feminist?. That being said however, I believe in the equal treatment and rights of all peoples. So under those beliefs, yes I would consider myself a feminist.

I am extremely Fjnds with your dedication to give a voice to the muted and the forum to showcase issues that others hide from by using art as aluts weapon. Do you feel women have to conform to social norms and stereotypes to be taken seriously? Do you have any experiences of this? Have you any experience of this? All you have to do is turn on the BBC and within ten minutes you can personally witness the exponential inequality worldwide. You get a sense of hopelessness followed by a strong sense of power to know that you live in a country where you can still speak out and try to make changes.

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