Single mans quest

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One man’s quest to restore native Canadian trees to Toronto

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Why is Nicole in the news? A student in Calgary called Carlos Zetina chatted up a Dutch exchange student called Nicole in a pub. He got her number but it turned out to be wrong.

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Maybe Nicole was letting him down gently? So what did Carlos do? He sent out a mass email to all the Nicoles on campus — from professors to freshers. Hold on a second. A Nicole from Holland who knows her Nietzsche? All of the University of Calgary Nicoles that Carlos contacted banded together to try to find her.

Quest Single mans

Sigle What can I say? Nicoles are like that, especially Canadian ones. One of the Nicoles, Nicole Macmillan, tweeted: Carlos, our king, thank you. They grew fast, but we now realize they kill the soil, kill the diversity and create green deserts. In a recent study around the University of Toronto, Mr.

Davies set manz insect traps in four native trees and Siingle non-native trees. The traps were checked every week with striking results. The ones from native trees would be crowded with moths, beetles and pollinators, while those from the invasive Skngle yielded next to nothing. Today, native species make up fewer than 40 per cent of the trees in Toronto. Of the top 12 street tree species in the city, seven are foreign, with only the native silver maple, red ash, sugar maple, and white birch cracking the list. In the s, the invasive Norway Maple, originally planted as a street tree, comprised 10 per cent of the canopy cover in city ravines.

Byit had come to dominate the ravines, making up 40 per cent of canopy cover.

None of this will be reversed by a single a front yard nursery. Davies mwns to prove that with a little local initiative, every neighbourhood could maintain a nursery or two. He collected over 10, acorns from prominent oaks all over the city, including a year-old monster outside the Royal Ontario Museum, and donated several thousand to local schools building their own nurseries.

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