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That pad does indeed look exactly like the remaining brake pedal pad on mythe exact pattern - Apd just went and looked Click to expand Yes the pattern is the same, but there are subtle differences, such as the tread-depth. There are often very subtle differences with knock-off items. Most recent eBay purchase had no choice they weren't anywhere else at the time involved a flexcable for a Motorola phone. In addition the OEM lasted for a few years while the eBay knock-off exhibiting subtle differences lasted for a couple of months. Fortunately I bought 4 of them.

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On eBay, seller ratings mean little. I left negative event-based Buh feedback for one seller and found it gone checking back a month later. Doesn't matter whether they reimburse your ship or not, so long as they issue a refund they can avoid negative feedback. So anyone who wants to sell junk and label it everything from "new" to "genuine" to "tested," puts it on eBay.

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Their true value, however, lies in safety: The Sparco Carbon Pedals set provides ultimate lightweight performance. The accelerator pedal is wider at the bottom to help facilitate heel-and-toe Sparco's driver's side footrest panel adds racing style and added grip. It features a curved lip that fits over the driver door sill and attaches to the drivers footrest. The Race is a high-quality entry-level pedal set. It features a accelerator, brake and clutch pedal, each crafted from Reflex pedal set is made from high-quality polished aluminum and Sparco's Reflex pedal set is made from high-quality The Sparco driver's side footrest panel adds racing style and added grip.

It features a sleek and tapered design that fits cleanly into the interior of many popular vehicles.

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