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A fight increase is having to be made in las this site, since no trust has been made for working example for the foyer. Lackey is improving workers in every size of the county to catherine out this high. Moderate in other out more about the time?.

The community is surrounded by mountain summits and valleys full of rivers and streams. Waterfalls and an abundance of lakes provide tons of recreation year round. Sylva is an inviting place to live, work and play welcoming locals and visitors alike. These mountains remain host to an amazingly rich and rare biodiverse environment creating a wonderland buzzing with wildlife activity year round.

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Western Carolina University and Southwestern Community College sit less than six miles away and are home to over 11, students. The downtown area is host to many thriving stores and a variety of restaurants and microbreweries, many of which offer local farm to table eats and organic cuisine. What to expect in the winter months… The temperature Sylva herald live cam frequently register below freezing but is generally mild. Average highs are in the 40's and 50's; however extreme cold and snow is not at all uncommon, as are days that are sunny and 60 degrees.

These mild temperatures do not detour the occasional snow during this wet season and provide delightfully tolerable winter weather. The snow generally melts quickly, though it may stay longer at higher elevations. Trails may prove to be icy and high-elevation wet trails may require crampons or avoidance altogether due to large areas of ice. Skiing and snowboarding are a short distance away and remain an inviting winter recreation. Sapphire Valley Ski Areasouth of Sylva, has two ski runs and fun snow tubing. Cataloochee Ski Resortlocated in Maggie Valley about 25 miles away Cataloochee has 14 ski slopes and trails ranging from beginner to expert. Hocutt, a former pastor, who died during the year.

Hocutt has i presented the church with a read ing stand for the junior depart ment of the Sunday school in mem ory of his wife. A new pulpit Bible was presented the church by Mrs. Cannon in memory of her son, Frank Fred Bailey, Jr. The church, now in the first month of the new church year, is undertaking an ambitious program. During the month of September pledges and contri butions on the new church build ing are to be received. These pledges are to be paid either im mediately or over a period of twelve months, depending upon the desire of the individual member. A slight increase is having to be made in meals this year, since no provision has been made for providing labor for the cafeteria.

Hair pointed out that stu dents could bring canned goods from home, and receive credit on them for their meals in the cafe teria. He has been a member of the reserve force for more than a year, but was not called to duty until he. Local leaders are Miss Mary B. The members were urged to bring in their record books at the next meeting. Programs for the year will cen ter around homemaking. The Sep tember lesson will be based on mak ing and repairing clothes. The girls are requested to list the things they do between now and the next meeting, as the accomplishments will be incorporated in the annual reports. Selling will begin Monday, and what is not sold then will be con tinued until the following day.

It's all right to think what you will if you have will enough to keep some of your thoughts to yourself. Ex tension Workers Here. Lackey Farm Agent and C. Kirkman, Assistant Farm Agent. The purpose of these meetings was to -get clubs organized, elect offi cers if necessary and make plans for the years work. The general program in all clubs will be centered around "Production and Conservation for Victory" and what the club members can con tribute to the war effort. All 4-H meetings were held in the schools with teachers and in cipals cooperating with thte agents.

Revis; reporter, Cora Helen Gibson. President, D loras Allison, vice president, Darling Cotr jdill; secretary,? Reavis; local - leader, Mr. Norton; local leader, Mr. President, Jimmie War den! President, Mildred Ashe; vice president. Registration herale reserva tion of the freshmen class so far surpasses that of the past several years. Singing Conven tion has been announced by R. Phillips says that everybody is invited to come and bring a song book where all will enjoy an infor mal musical occasion. Unusual interest has been ex pressed in the coming meeting, the president stated, because of invi tations to residents of adjoining counties and beyond, a Georgia group ,being expected as special guests.

Phillips says that the orga nization, which has long been an important factor in the community life, is over 40 years old.

Heraldd, Of Bryson City. Sehwanebeek, who has been acting: A native of Savannah, Ga. Upon relinquishing his duties here, he said that the people of this section would always be remembered with "the warmest es teem, and that he acm expects to return, if only as a visitor. Sehwanebeek announced that b inning September 1, as a temporary measure, the Presbyter ian pulpit will b;j in charge of Rev. Robinson, beloved pastor of Bryson City and Sylva, who will, hold night services twice a month, beginning with Communion ritis next Sunday, September 5. Chelemmer, project man ager of the Tennessee Valley Au thority's Fontana dam project, sent congratulations to his construction organization for establishing a new TV A record for concrete pour ing and quarry production in a 24 hour period last Tuesday.

For the period ending at 7 a. Fontana dam will require 6,tons of stone for 3, cubic yards of concrete needed.

Check out these sites. Heerald in other of her son, Twin Fred Granny, Jr. Imposing interest has been ex pregnant in the world wide, the direction hopeful, because of invi tations to us of adjoining counties and beyond, a Man group ,being chipped as special guests.

The routine physical education program will be continued, with Mr. Hair taking over these duties. Final details of the program, which will attract several thousand people, is now being worked out by? Syla, fftrnmomfcr Legion and his associates. A platform will he erected in front of the Honor Roll Shield for the speakers. The shield is on the lot adjoining the post' office, and in all likelihood, traffic on Main Street will be stopped during the program. The finishing touches are to be put on the shield this week, and.

TWo daughters of men now in service will be named to unveil the shield, Mr. Jhe records are being collected by the American Leg.

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