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Secondly, the community members were mostly not trained as foe and leaders of NGOs, and now they are carrying this responsibility balts big feeling of commitment. Besides, daily life in Kyrgyzstan for many people consists of a lot of struggle: Besides, within NGOs there is not much awareness of the need for staff to relax, take holiday time, have some breaks or breathing exercises. Women seem to have more pressure than men, as women are the main caretakers of the household.

Dear is the role of AFEW in it. Providing, prisoners there just of HIV bunch us, as there are no sustained jerseys there, and they somehow have no hooks for doing amateur from the interracial health organizations.

For one week they were thinking more about themselves, exchanged their Women for sex in kara balta and learned relaxation techniques. Most of the participants of the summer school also feel that it is very important to be together during such studies since it is the only opportunity for them to gather together outside of official gatherings. Janine Wildschut shared her experience with stress and burnout. Some of her lessons were taken as eye opener for many. As the problems around you are a fact of life, you are the only one that can change how you handle this: The situation in Kyrgyzstan nowadays is stable. Wider coalitions are initiated and hard work is done with the government to show the invaluable work that NGOs are doing.

Olga Ochneva, Kyrgyzstan A significant reduction of funding for the programs against HIV infection was registered during the recent years in Kyrgyzstan. Last year the news that the Global Fund — the main donor of the HIV and tuberculosis programmes in the country — cuts their funding, got into the headlines. The trend continues to grow: Notice that reduction of funding comes amid the growth of demands. It is a difficult process for the state, because from the very beginning the prevention programmes in the country about 15 years were funded by international donors. This fact became the main argument for the civil sector in their work on promotion of national funding.

It is still not enough. In fact, we requested up to 4. The program must be approved this August. It will become known if this money is included in the Republican budget by the end of It will be decided which expenditure headings will be underfunded in the nearest future. Nowadays six social centers are already closed, we excluded the treatment of STIs sexually transmitted infections — ed. With this money we are able to cut funds from the budget of the Global Fund for this group. Now we have a narrower task of responding to the epidemic.

Therefore, the only must have budget items are methadone and antiretroviral ARV drugs. We are trying to increase or at least keep these budget lines at the same level.

Experts predict that it will happen no earlier than during the second half ofas the Ministry of health needs Wonen get prepared. Even after funds were foor in the national budget, we still cannot use them for the purchase of ARVs for key vulnerable groups, fo there is no mechanism for procurement of drugs and for social procurement. The process of transition to national funding and running programs in the face of cutbacks of donor funding is a great challenge. The Ministry of Health has already submitted the preliminary topics of presentations at the conference AIDS in Amsterdam, I think, by July of the next year we will have a great practical experience to share.

The head of AFEW-Kyrgyzstan Natalya Shumskaya is telling what we should expect from the organisation inand outlines the achievements of the previous year.

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What do you think were your greatest successes? We managed to keep our activities on HIV prevention in the prison system, including law enforcement, prevention of HIV among women who use drugs. During the last year, women received an access to health and social services. Later, we started a very difficult project with the aim to return the patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis MDR-TB to the treatment. There was organized controlled treatment at home for 28 patients. The delivery of products is done 6 days a week, except Sundays. Additionally, project case managers conduct information sessions with patients with MDR-TB and their inner social circle, monitor the side effects of anti-TB drugs, and, if necessary, deliver drugs to relieve the side effects.

They also maintain regular contact with doctors. In January of we increased project staff. It was done for the full coverage of all MDR-TB patients who need to receive treatment at home and assisting them to diagnosis and friendly services. Two case managers and a social worker were hired. Over the past year, the researchers conducted a qualitative study among the inmates of correctional facilities that are getting ready to be released. This study aims to describe and research the quality of the program of methadone substitution treatment in the penitentiary system of Kyrgyzstan and civil society.

The recommendations based on those results will be offered to the country to optimize harm reduction programs. Please tell us, how is this cooperation going? What is the role of AFEW in it? In our organization has provided technical support to the Ministry in carrying out monitoring visits to all the regions of the country. The aim of the visits was to control how the law enforcement officers perform the instruction on HIV prevention. In addition, we organized and conducted four trainings for the staff responsible for the official trainings and for non-governmental organizations on the reform of law enforcement agencies. It is important that the civil sector supports current reforms, and it is important that law enforcement officers assist the execution of the State Programme on HIV.

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