Shepweiler puppies for sale

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German Shepherd Dog Puppies

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His salee may mean smaller children should be supervised. While he succeeded with the German Shepherd it was at a time when demand for herding dogs was actually on the decline. When rail came the breed almost disappeared but in the early 20th century breeders took notice and saved them.

For Shepweiler sale puppies

He needs to be active and tends to be protective of his family. He is otherwise an occasional barker unless the German Shepherd side is stronger then it will be more often. Over the years they have been used in police work and as a working dog. The German Shepherd In the late 19th and early 20th century a German cavalry officer called von Stephanitz wanted to breed a superior herding dog, one with intelligence, ability and athleticism.

He should have both physical and mental stimulation to keep him happy and healthy and better behaved. While he is wary around strangers he is affectionate and playful with his Shepweiller. His coat can be short, coarse, dense, harsh, straight and thick. Be ware those puppy mills and disreputable breeders who are just trying to make money from this trend. Costs involved in owning a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Price of puppies can alter at any time depending on whether they are the trendy pet to have, where you are and whom you buy from.

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He is not just a success as a working dog, he makes a great family dog too as long as you can give him the activity and mental stimulation he needs. He tends to be aloof with strangers, he is intelligent and he while he is trainable he can have a stubborn streak. But if you have the time and spaces for him and know how to bring out the best in him he will be a great companion to stand at your side. He is intelligent and easy to train, loyal to his owner and protective.

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