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Automatic Belt Tensioner Assembly 2.0 L for Ford ESCORT ESCORT Zx2

Move the search off the time pulley with one unsuccessful while every to coming zx22 on the fact with the big. Reinsert the latest tool into the thermometer tensioner assembly and other the tensioner pulley back once more. Profiling on your arm growing and girth, you may think to get at the traditional pulleys through the shelter front wheel well or from casual the Escort.

The old belt should be sx2 more than one inch longer than the new one. Signs of imminent belt failure include edge fraying, splits or cracks on either side and loss of ribs.

Refer often to the belt routing diagram printed on the fan shroud or underside of the hood during this step. Moore is a contributing writer for RF Depending on bbelt arm length and girth, you may need to get at the lower pulleys through the right front wheel well or from underneath the Escort. Pull the tool out of the tensioner and set it in the engine well within reach. The belt drives the engine accessories using kinetic energy from the crankshaft pulley and transferring that energy to the accessories. Reinsert the tensioner tool into the belt tensioner assembly and pull the tensioner pulley back once more. Slowly release the pressure on the tensioner once you have the belt off the pulley.

Start the Escort, turn the steering wheel as far to the right as it will go and then shut the car off.

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Remove the belt from the rest of the pulleys by hand. Raise the hood and set the prop rod into the hood to keep the hood from falling down. Pull the tool out when finished. Pull the serpentine belt out of the engine well and compare the length to the new belt. Route the new belt around the crank pulley and then around each of the accessory pulleys, leaving the tensioner pulley as the last unbelted one. Escort belt routing diagram and tips About the Author Allen Moore's career includes awards in poetry and creative fiction, published lyrics, fiction books and nonfiction articles as well as a master certification in automotive service from the Ford Motor Company.

Slip the belt over the tensioner pulley and hold it in place as you carefully release the pressure on the tensioner with the tool.

Zx2 belt Escort

Over time, the serpentine belt will begin to stretch from use, ax2 the variation in length. As time goes on, the belt begins to crack and fray. If you route the belt improperly it will not fit properly and can result in serious damage to the Escort, injury to yourself or both. Move the belt off the tensioner pulley with one hand while continuing to hold pressure on the tensioner with the tool.

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