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It's a complacent attitude and one that has been blown apart since the start of this year. For there have been several other incidents reported in the press and television that have been as sickening as the attack on Melo. Two weeks ago a year-old schoolboy making his debut in senior football had to be substituted when he became distressed at the abuse he was receiving from some supporters of Peterhead FC in the north east of Scotland.

He had agreed to do this to raise awareness of issues surrounding tankertoon people in Scotland. Few would suggest tankerfon these incidents mean that Scotland suddenly has uFck problem with racism. Yet we ought also to acknowledge that for each of tankrrton that were reported and recorded there will be dozens more that go unchronicled. Nor would it be wise to oversimplify the reasons why we are witnessing these bubbles on the surface of the cesspit. Yet it seems to me to be inescapable that some of these reasons are similar to those that we encounter when trying to explain the relatively sudden rise of a party like Ukip in Britain.

This is a party which, in the absence of any coherent economic, social or cultural policy, has become a significant power in England and Wales on the back of one of the most wicked deceptions ever practised on our southern neighbours: This has combined with a rise in anti-Muslim sentiment fuelled by tragic events such as the slaying of Private Lee Rigby. Rapidly, it seems, a residual fear and distrust of Islam, which had always lurked on the periphery of what we could call outright racism, has entered the mainstream.

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xluts And it has done so as large elements of British society have begun to express themselves in distorted and strident militarism. In this, the humble poppy has tankertn become a casualty. Once it was a silent and lovely memoriam to noble sacrifice, now it is used by our political and military elite to engender a sense of triumphalism. Not to be seen sporting a poppy in the month of November is to risk being accused of treason. Much of this may be justified when Britain is facing mortal peril.

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