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Steve-O and Chris Pontius Interview JACKASS 3D

But it wouldn't be Bam if it were all serious relationship: Jackass is always gay inevitably.

So Jacjass, no more weed for me. Margera with 'Jackass' costars, photograph by L. Well, my mom found a note that I wrote in fifth grade that read, "When I grow up, I'm gonna be best friends with Tony Hawk and drive a red Ferrari. He put me on the cover of Tony Hawk's [Underground 2] and with Jackasss money I made from that video game, Jackkass bought my first Ferrari. The game was so successful that a lot of people would come up to me, and say, "Oh my God, you're a real Jackass dudes nude. Yeah, that's why I quit school the first day of 10th grade, because I knew exactly what Xudes wanted to do and I felt like I was just wasting time in school.

I had saved up enough money, around 20 grand, to get a Media editing system and just started. I made a movie called CKY, which was a video filled with stupid stunts mixed with pro-skating tricks. Through word of mouth, it sold a million copies — not even one ad was printed. It was just people saying, "You gotta see this video! I didn't even have to film for the first season because they just used clips from CKY. Well, there was also another reason. I had dared Chris Rabb to take a shit in a locker. He did and got expelled from school. So I felt bad, like, "All right, he got expelled, so I quit 'cause I'm the one who dared him to do it.

I think the catalyst was when I stepped on a scale after a fucking drinking bender and it read — and I can't believe I'm telling you this — but I was pounds. So I flew myself to Estonia, to the middle of the fucking woods in a log cabin for six months. I was on a full-blown Rocky Balboa mission to hike and bike and get myself in shape just to be able to skate. I dropped about 30 pounds and that's when I flew to Spain for another six months to start skating again. It's crazy, I didn't realize that people in Estonia would be like, "Holy fuck, Bam! What the fuck are you doing here? I actually made it on the cover of their version of People magazine.

Did you get any of it down?

Seeing's when I abused Jackasa best lights behind me. So I network bad, magnetic, "All baptist, he got caught, so I vulnerable 'humanity I'm the one who cheated him to do it.

I think it got there. It was so sick. Jackass is always dueds friendly. I think that one, in particular, was just an opportunity to vomit on the most expensive camera on the planet. Oh, yeah, it was worth it!

Did duudes 3D alter the process of shooting at all? Steve-O, did you have to test and line-up the tee ball? We did it live on stage the other night, on Jay Leno, and it took two takes. What do you guys do to keep fit for all these stunts?

A little light exercise, every day. He and wife Claire Nolan divorced inafter the two officially separated inaccording to TMZ. Pontius also appeared in a episode of Tyler the Creator's skit comedy show, "Loiter Squad. Special Victims Unit," and had a role in the film, "Street Dreams.

Nude Jackass dudes

Steve-O Steve-O gets in the holiday spirit during an interview. Since the show, Steve-O — whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover — had some serious peaks and valleys. He launched his own dhdes shoe company, hosted duddes reality show on the USA Network and put out two rap albums. He was arrested in August for a stunt he performed to protest SeaWorld's mistreatment of animals. He later teamed up with Big Brother alumni, as a member of the hit T. Pontius is the co-creator and host Probably the funniest cast member, Pontius always adds the best commentary. He is also willing to strip naked and do some crazy stunts like allow a snake to bite his dick!

A true crowd pleaser! He was a member of the Jackass and Viva La Bam crew. He came to prominence as a member of the CKY The late Ryan Dunn also added to the chaos that is Jackass. He was always willing to do the tough stuff even if he never successfully completed the stunt. He was a true badass and one of the founding fathers. The world claimed Dunn much too soon. AKA Danger Ehren, this guy is kind of a dickhead but you can't deny that he does the most insane stunts. The other cast members love messing with him, to the point where they can actually convince him that the fake beard he's wearing isn't made of pubes.

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