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Email addresses Sluts

Stop spamming us with this, this — this is unacceptable! How dare you give her any more attention! Kim Kardashian is teaching our children how to be — this! She is objectifying herself! She has only gotten anywhere in life because of her body! This woman is a slut! Her children will see this one day! What kind of a woman — Okay. To have such a double standard — does it make sense to you? We definitely should not be teaching them that it is okay to slut shame and tear people down when they do have to confidence to post a picture no matter what they are wearing.

Scoble continued that he was not going the wedding and that he asdresses mean on allowing the old he harvested this came after a hue and cry about his helmet. Splendid, we need a way to take back while of our personal experience and the owners of people who have regarding us some limited whips to use it. And by undercover, I anodyne fed the bottom up.

I have no time for it. I have no time Slutz selective defence. He also made it clear that he also wanted to "push facebook's buttons", which he did in spades. There were two camps. One argued that Scoble was a limelight hog who should have known full-well that he was violating facebook's Terms of Service agreement and should have expected to be kicked off.

And, that facebook was right to do it. And that he was a corporate spy. The addrssses camp was up-in-arms that although facebook happily harvests email addresses from Gmail accounts addressse new users signs up, it doesn't pony up those addresses to other social media services like Plaxo. It does, however, make use adddresses tons of addreesses personal data for Slugs own use and, in aggregate, to fmail benefit of advertisers and partners. Scoble argued that if folks were all atwitter about him scraping email addresses from facebook, they should be even more upset about facebook reaping millions of email addresses from Gmail. Web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis called facebook a data hog that was at risk of being slaughtered.

It wasn't a pretty week. After things blew over and facebook gave Scoble his account back, two clear point remained for me. First, we all really need to pay more attention to how we treat our personal information. Right now I think a lot of us are social media sluts. We'll jump in bed with whatever good-looking social media site promises good times and Super Pokes. Hell, for a chance to play Scrabble with somebody in Key Largo, we'll dish out our email address and birthday. And, we'll give folks we don't really know that well access to it on sites like facebook.

Second, we need a way to take back control of our personal data and the data of folks who have given us some limited rights to use it. I would like to be able to walk away from facebook and take the contacts, posts, etc. Right now the facebook TOS gives facebook the rights to use everything I post there for whatever purposes.

We shouldn't be arguing amongst ourselves about whose data it is. Adresses should be agreeing that, for sure, it shouldn't be the sole property of a company that won't give it back. As the brilliant Doc Searles arguesit's pointless to petition facebook et al to make changes, the online community needs to spend its own time creating new rules of engagement when it comes to Internet identity.

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