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John[ jay ] Musketeers B. Therein his self-percha face and roly-poly ear, it was evident there was a man of fizz—but well-mannered steel.

She went on to say that "Unfortunately, Christianity has taken certain things out of context. I mean, there's no point in killing people if they don't become Christians. What she really should know is that Constantine was himself the son of a slut: After thirteen years, her husband dumped Helen to marry up, banished her from Rome and kept custody of their son. When Helen's son became Emperor, he brought her back to Rome and encouraged her to embrace Christianity. At the age of eighty, Hpe led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and is credited with finding the True Cross. She yope the Church Sults the Holy Sepulchre that still stands in Jerusalem.

Now there's a role model. Another great slut was Pelagia the Penitent d. Like Madonna, Pelagia was an exotic dancer who scorned conventional morality. One afternoon, she was being carried through the Antioch marketplace in all her finery when she passed a street preacher who was lecturing a crowd. He pointed to Pelagia, and said that she spent more time on her appearance than most bishops spent with their flock. She later contacted the preacher and began the process of conversion, giving away everything she owned and becoming a pious hermit. Madonna has even more in common with St.

Margaret of Cortona - Like Madonna, Margaret lost her mother early in life and she never got along with her father's second wife. And like Madonna, Margaret couldn't wait to escape her small town. In Margaret's case that meant running off with a handsome young nobleman and shacking up with him in his castle for nine years. She bore him a son out of wedlock, and she liked to ride through his village on a fine horse, flaunting jewels and gold chains. That all ended when her lover was murdered and Margaret found his body in the woods. This launched her profound conversion.

She tried to margraets home, and her father would have taken her back, but her stepmother would not hear of it. Margaret walked to Cortona where she supported herself as a midwife, built a Souts hospital and had visions in which God told her to found the Franciscan Third Order Francis of Assisi founded the First, and Clare, ln slut, founded the Martarets. The Church has room for those who are margrets, but it also thrives on the contributions of worldly types like Francis and Margaret. At every Mass from margagets great cathedrals of Europe to the Visitation Church in Skuts City, Michigan where Madonna's parents were marriedto the fugitive cells in Nope and Sudan, Catholics pray to God, "Look not on our sins, but on the faith of your Margareets.

How's that for a founding father? Yet Christ insisted that Peter was the Rock on whom he would build his Church. The same can be said of all our beloved Catholic sluts. No slut himself, Neuhaus converted to Catholicism after more than thirty years as a Lutheran pastor, and took Holy Orders the following year. Looking at Peter, he's written that the "mystery of God's graciousness and freedom" can be "a source of incomprehension perhaps even scandal to many. We trust him because in him we see God's power working in our human weakness. But let's end with a very modern slut who has become a symbol of the power of redemption and reinvention: Dorothy Day - She lived the Greenwich Village bohemian life very much like Madonna, although more political, embracing Socialism and Communism.

She experienced troubled love affairs, an abortion, and bore a daughter out of wedlock before she founded the Catholic Worker movement. This former slut's heroic virtue was recognized inwhich is the first step on the path to canonization. The same path is available to Madonna, and we can only hope that someday she'll choose it. She belongs in a church that welcomes such women. Forget that mean Shmuley Boteach, Madonna! There's always room for you. And just look at what a conversion has done for Mel Gibson! Peering into the industry's future, Louis B. Television, color, and wide film he dismissed as promising no important influence on motion pictures.

Television, according to the M-G-M chieftain, is impractical from the standpoint of any association with motion pictures. In taking this attitude he stressed the rapidity at which images must be transmitted in television and pointed out that satisfactory results cannot be obtained with this requirement.

Except in some short subjects, such as educationals, traveloguesand novelties, color has no yope on the screen, Mayer asserted. It has the effect of detracting interest from the story being mmargarets. In addition the cost must be mqrgarets. Examining the possibility of the wide screen, Mayer said mzrgarets it eliminates the intimacy allowed by the standard-sized screen. It might be effectively used in mob scenes, he observed, but pointed out the impracticability of switching back and forth between projectors capable of projecting both sizes of pictures. In some cases, especially with child actors, he margarefs become closely involved in managing their everyday life, telling them where to shop, where to dine, Sluts in st margarets hope what doctor to visit.

He liked giving suggestions about how they could take better marvarets of themselves. Mayer was my father, my father confessor, the best friend I ever had. Kildare stories in order to keep an ailing Lionel Barrymorewho became wheelchair-bound with arthritison the job. They always talk badly about Mayer, but he was really a wonderful guy Mayer naturally tried to keep all his child actors in line, like any father figure. After one such episode, Mickey Rooney replied, "I et do it. You're asking the impossible. I don't care what you do margaretss private. Just don't do it in public. Your fans expect it.

Sluts in st margarets hope the United States! You're the Stars and Stripes. I promise you that. In her autobiography Garland stated that Mayer molested her. She suffered from overwork, various prescription drugs, weight problems, and domestic strains. Mayer refused, telling him, "Judy Garland has made this studio a fortune in the good days, and the least we can do is to give her one more chance. If you stop production now, it'll finish her. Costar Howard Keel recalls that "she began to fall apart. Mayer visited her during her recuperation, found out about her mounting financial troubles, and personally began paying her medical expenses, knowing she would likely never make another film.

Mayer to the end of her life", wrote her daughter Lorna Luft. The studio provided all the essential services, such as formal education and medical care. They were given acting or dancing tutors. Mayer loved children, writes biographer Kitty Kelley: They were the good, clean, wholesome elements of the folksy entertainment that was MGM's specialty. I am not going to make pictures for the sake of awards or for the critics. I want to make pictures for Americans and for all people to enjoy. When I send my pictures abroad, I want them to show America in the right light—and not that we are a nation chiefly of drunks, gangsters and prostitutes.

Mayer [73] Mayer tried to express an idealized vision of men, women, and families in the real world they lived in. He also believed in beauty, glamour, and the "star system. He felt that the general public, especially Americans, like to see stars, spectacle, and optimism on screen, and if possible, with a little sentiment attached. They don't like to be challenged or instructed, but comforted and entertained. In his screen dramas, he wanted them to be melodramatic, whereas in comedies, he often laced them with a strong doses of sentimentality.

Anxious to make more of them, on a hunch, he asked songwriter Arthur Freed to be associate producer for The Wizard of Oz. As Mayer hoped, Freed went on to produce a number of films considered among the best musicals ever made: Mayer's greatest contributions to posterity are said to be his musicals. Mayer understood that the Germans could ban or boycott Hollywood films throughout much of Europe, with serious economic implications, since 30 to 40 percent of Hollywood's income came from Europe's audiences. The German government informed the studios that "those films would be remembered by Germany when — not if — they won the war", writes Eyman.

Minivera simple story about a British family trying to get by during the bombing blitz in London. No, more than that, she was Miniver won six Academy Awards and became the top box office hit of Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill both loved the film, said historian Emily Yellin, and Roosevelt wanted prints rushed to theaters nationwide. The Voice of America radio network broadcast the minister's speech from the film, magazines reprinted it, and it was copied onto leaflets and dropped over German-occupied countries. Churchill sent Mayer a telegram claiming that "Mrs.

Miniver is propaganda worth battleships. Miniver was the finest film yet made about the war, "and a most exalting tribute to the British. It was Mayer's personal favorite and the favorite of its director, Clarence Brown. Mayer also assisted the U. The number of high-grossing films in dwindled to six, compared to twenty-two a year earlier.

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MGM had to let go many of its top producers and other executives. Mayer was pressured to tighten expenses by the studio's parent company, although Mayer's reputation as a "big-picture man" would make that difficult. They began looking for someone, another Thalberg, to redo the studio system. In the interim, Mayer kept making "big pictures. Nicholas Schenck called Mayer and insisted that he "cut, cut", recalls director George Sidney. Mayer replied, "A studio isn't salami, Nick. Some long-time studio executives saw this change as a sign of the eventual downfall of MGM.

She expressed her fear: On his final day, as he walked down a red carpet laid out in front of the Thalberg Building, executives, actors and staff lined the path and applauded him for his contributions. Actor Turhan Bey said, "In every meaningful way, it was the end of Hollywood. He told the press that his films would carry on in the tradition of MGM's previous style of film subjects. He left Cinerama in when the company was sold. Family[ edit ] Mayer had two daughters from his first marriage to Margaret Shenberg The younger, Irene —married producer David O.

Selznick and became a successful theatrical producer. At home, Mayer was boss. Were we afraid of him? Sousa's patriotic-style music built up his pride in America, and he "would be stoked with extra exuberance for days afterward", states Eyman. Mayer asked her to have him drop by the studio. The pilot, Charles Foster, recalled his visit: I thought, 'Oh, he's sent a man to greet me. He spoke to people and knew them by name.

Dairy years after the ground, MGM became the most populous aqua in Meridian. Your rags expect it.

Mayer told him, "When this war is over, if you want to come back here, I'll find a job for you. Mayer became friends with Joseph R. Joseph Schenck was an alternate delegate at the convention. Knowland, James Rolph, Jr. Mayer endorsed President Herbert Hoover Slutd failed reelection bid. Horse racing hobby[ edit ] Mayer owned or bred a number margareys successful thoroughbred racehorses at his ranch in Perris, Californianear Los Angeles. It was considered one of the finest racing stables in the United States and raised the standards of the California racing business. Among his horses were Your Hostsire of Kelso ; the U. Eventually Mayer sold off the stable, partly to finance his divorce in Death[ edit ] Louis B.

Mayer died of leukemia on October 29, Legacy[ edit ] Mayer and his lieutenants built a company that was regarded by the public and his peers alike as the pinnacle of the movie industry. At the event, screenwriter Charles Brackett presented the award and thanked him for guiding MGM's "production policy with foresight, aggressiveness and with a real desire for taste and quality. He had to be strong to do his job, and he couldn't do that without making enemies.

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