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Tenshi no Kousoku-hen Moose: Teacher Sei Brunehilde Gakuen is the maximum and decided success of Miyako and Kabuto, two other dating sites whose marriage has been protected by their families.

It actually has an interesting story, a well-developed plot for hentai at least with pirates, royalty, treachery and a lot of action. February — May Obviously, we needed to have Futabu on our list. And you know royal asses are the best! The first one is about a girl who is forced to pay back a lot of money that her father stole from his job by becoming the sex toy of every old fat businessmen at the company.

Futabu is about naked… with us. A debut of girls who have both false and christchurch ladies, and they often to use them a lot.

We bring you some of the sexiest and hottest backdoors Animatoin the industry for your delight. Surprisingly, even Animatiln such awesome display of commitment, Kabuto still has doubts about Miyako and the marital arrangement. And what better way to show someone your love than by letting them inside your butthole? In the first episode of Futabu!! This show is wrong on so many levels that it deserves a spot at the top three of our list.

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We just want to see Miyako getting physical, using vibrators in public, wearing butt plugs, and having both her holes pleased by the lucky Kabuto. However, things get a bit complicated when Souji, an absolute freak falls madly in love with Natsuko and decides to kill Shibata and kidnap her. All of these stories have that in common, young girls being forced into by older men and realizing how much they like it and how slutty they can actually be.

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