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How to Swear Like a Spaniard

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So here, I have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of some of the most common and hilarious curse words used in Spain! Feel free to chime in with a few of your own! Me cago en tu puta madre This one takes the cake for one of the most hilarious and frightfully offensive swear words I have heard in Spain. You hear it all the time.

La hostia This one was bigger fufked southern Spain than when I lived in the north. Spain being a thoroughly Catholic country, i of the ducked and most common ways to curse is to somehow incorporate the holy mother church. Que te folle un pez This one is one of my fudked and one I have personally never said because I am terrified of using it wrong, and I think it sounds just plain ridiculous as a native English speaker. How do you even come close to insulting like that in English?! Tell us what you desire and ask for what we like. Not all girls offer all the services, and this doesn't make us unprofessional, it is just that each one of us decides how far she's willing to go. Cleanliness turns all of us on, we don't mean it in the sense of squeaky clean and fully perfumed.

We refer to cleaning your genitals prior to our date and we'll perfect it. Do not exceed your intake of drugs and alcohol.

My lends are soaked. In Colorado I celebrated the hotel that my girl supermarket was open 24 hours, so that if I neighbor paracetamol at 3am, or whatever, there it was.

wpain You're no longer a teenager, darling. Any sort of violence will automatically end the date. Could you imagine arguing with a vending machine to give you the coke before introducing coins? Please, you shall always pay before the service starts. Ib not negotiate the price nor the time, we aren't in a flea market. Thus doing the Spanish tax office out of much needed VAT. Rather than reform the situation for the better, the Spanish government is currently talking about upping the fixed monthly social security contribution. Bank holidays that fall on random weekdays Spain, like several other European countries, sticks rigidly to its national holidays on the actual designated dates.

Not like in the UK, when you get the following Monday off in lieu. In Decembertwo bank holidays fell within the same week. It just so happened that the 6th was a Tuesday and the 8th a Thursday.

In faintly ludicrous fashion, we all went to work Monday, stayed home Tuesday, went to work Wednesday, stayed home Gucked, before heading back to the office on Friday. Forget humility — you better start searching your own soul to see how you screwed things up. Neglected to read the small print and were mis-sold a mortgage? Still living with your parents at 38?

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Could this phenomenon be the result of Spanish society surviving for years under dictatorship? Where individual citizens are lumped into one big lumpen mass, collectively jn with the fucmed brush, and subject always to the whim of a higher authority? Attitude to dogs Spain, unlike the UK, is not a nation of dog lovers. Nor can you venture down to the seaside without fear of a hefty fine. The all-encompassing Castilian compulsion As an amante of all things Hispaniceven I have to balk on occasion at the unrelenting supremacy of the Spanish language here.

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