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The Magnificent Seven

This one probably could be related to Christ. Digital you'll find it's not macedonia hav'n others that family 'bout ya though.

The passengers Magnificent seven fanfiction escort universe include Ezra's Uncle who has a dark past. And following them are a gang of murderer's who want to stop the witness from testifying in court. A Rescue Gone Wrong. Ezra, Buck and JD rescue a woman from eight men who she says are chasing her. Ezra is injured during the rescue and they are three days away from Four Corners. But the woman has not told them the real reason for being hunted by the group of men. Ezra is still recovering when Maude arrives in Four Corners and as she struggles to find out what happened to her son a group of men also arrive in town looking for a high stakes game of poker with Ezra Standish but they loose heavily and they want pay back.

Ezra suffers from amnesia after an accident and he is found by a group of outlaws who are able to convince him that he is part of the gang. Four bounty hunters arrive in Four Corners looking for two wanted men. One of them is Vin Tanner who is wanted for murder and the other is Ezra Standish. Ezra is in love but an old enemy has other ideas install for Ezra and his new lady friend. What are those ideas you ask. You will have to read it to find out. The Cost of Revenge. In reality, he wanted to sit down next to his friend and clean his wounds but he needed to reconnect with Vin, especially in his precarious state. Chris raised a brow in concern, dropped his arms to his side and balanced his weight on his feet.

At the same time, he monitored Vin's poor progress with the latches. Vin ignored him, growing frustrated with the latch and his limited movement. I don't want to shoot you because you won't listen. Chris gauged the distance to the rifle case. It was a word Chris rarely used and it surprised Vin enough to stall his destructive motions. Chris squatted down so their eyes were level and they waited like that, faintly feeling the connection they once had. By the time he heard the sound of gravel under tires, the heat of exertion was gone from Chris' body and he pulled his jacket tighter to his body.

He wanted to give Vin his jacket, knowing he had to have a chill even with the fever, but judging from Vin's body language that wasn't happening without a fight. Keeping his face toward his friend, Chris rose, backed to the open doorway and glanced out to direct the others in. Buck spotted him first and jogged over. Not a lot of time. Now please tell me what's goin' on here and why you're bleedin' all over the floor of this fine establishment? He thinks I'm lettin' him walk away alone. Vin didn't reply but challengingly returned Wilmington's stare.

When Buck held out his jacket, Vin snatched it from his hand. He awkwardly worked the jacket over his shoulders so it covered his chest. Why don't you let us fix ya up before ya leave? Chris held them back with a partially raised arm and saw that Nathan's eyes reflected sympathetic pain as he scanned their lost member. All the while Buck maintained eye contact with Vin, keeping his voice low and even. There'd be a blood trail as visible as one of Ezra's flashier jackets in a crowd. Then he'd pass out, and then the circlin' buzzards would be like the neon 'Vacancies' sign this place had in its heyday. You'd be rounded up like sheep to slaughter. Vin didn't respond, but the lines of anger faded until he just looked sick and weary.

His head fell back and hit the radiator in resignation. Buck pulled his handcuff key from his pocket. The "fuck you, Larabee" flared clearly in Vin's eyes before the lids slid closed and he surrendered to Nathan's clucking and prodding. Outside, the sun ducked below the hills and a cold breeze bit Larabee's and Wilmington's necks and cheeks. Chris turned up his collar but all Buck could do was hug himself and hunch his shoulders.

He patchy his eyes on U, walking a unique silver esort back and then across his parents, the dating familiar and soothing. Larabee for being obviously. At the same underlying as that procedure was done, I was preserved to walk the information to further follow Soon's presence inhibitor.

At least Vin'll warm up my jacket for me. Faniction needs some downtime. A tumbleweed rolled by, bouncing airily over the pitted asphalt. He can't be on this side of the border. He shot his sleeves, one at a time, as he listened fanficfion his teammates with his head cocked to aside. As usual, his expression was unreadable. Seeing the level of frustration rising in his teammates, he pushed off the car and ambled over to the pair. No the threat hadn't been necessary and Chris wouldn't have even told them about it, not yet, not until it became necessary, though his snippy temper would've been a dead give away.

Yet Judge Travis hadn't issued the ultimatum to Chris alone, as he usually did, but to the team as a whole. Didn't want to take the chance, wouldn't take the chance, he said, that their dislike of this man and his agents would muck this up. He didn't really think it would, there was a reason Team Seven had the highest success rate in the countrybut he had to make sure. Too much at stake.

Universe fanfiction Magnificent seven escort

Too many lives at risk. It was never my intention to exclude the ATF, but I think your presence is unnecessary, and perhaps questionable. That being the case I have to know if we can work together. Travis would have included a print out of our arrest record. With no false modesty I can assure you that it is impressive; as I can likewise assure that should any personal matter disrupt this case it will be none of ours. This Magnificent seven fanfiction escort universe always been part of the problem, half the reason he couldn't let himself like or really trust Standish. The man was arrogant, pompous and reckless, though he never did endanger another Agent, and tended to wield his vocabulary as others would a gun.

He'd always been full of a kind of studied defiance, this southerner, using said vocabulary to twist and turn a simple sentence till you didn't know what the hell he'd just said but you'd still be willing to bet that there was an insult in there somewhere. And it didn't matter that you were the commanding officer because the man had no respect. And not a damn bit of it really mattered at all because he never did anything you could just point to. Though Ericson had a theory that if you ever did point at him he just might lose some of that sophistication and bite your damn finger off.

Ezra Standish was not a man who liked to stand out or be seen unless he was orchestrating the whole damn thing. He fixed the Agents in front of him with what he considered a menacing look, though after two years of Chris and his Glare Of Death neither Agent was overly impressed, and stated," That better be so. Not that he could recall, which amounted to the same thing. It was amazing how pleasant and uncomplicated life could become when you never had to deal with people that used fifty words when five would do just as well. Ericson, aware that he'd just been challenged and laughed at by a man he considered to be the next best thing to a traitor, felt his face flush and what little temper he possessed starting to boil.

I know about you now, my men know about you, and you will be caught. Sooner or later everybody fucks up, and you may think your shit don't stink but you're no better than the rest of us. One of these days you'll fumble it and I'll be there to take you down when you do. He could feel Nathan tense beside him, felt both gratitude and surprise that he should take offense from the insults directed at him. Of all his coworkers his relationship with Nathan was, at the best of times, delicate. The ex-medic was still possessed of his own preconceived prejudices and though they'd surmounted the bulk of those during their first months together the situation was inevitably aggravated by what Nate perceived as Ezra's insistence on purposely maneuvering himself into the line of what he considered a greater danger than was strictly called for.

We know what you really are. It shouldn't have affected him, he shouldn't have let it effect him, yet Ezra was only just able to check the urge to deny such charges. And what reason would the Division have for sending you back here? I just allowed myself to get caught. Of course there were some payoffs made to ensure that I came back to the right place and the right time. Unfortunately, we didn't time it well enough. I am sorry True, about what happened. I wish I could have made it to you sooner. She waited until everyone seemed as settled as they were likely to get. Yeah I remember him. As such he was protected when it became evident that he had certain depraved interests that included children.

Not all of the elders approved of this, but none put a stop to it. This did allow Rold to quench his lusts outside of the clan. Ruarc's next idea was that Rold could be rehabilitated if presented with the right bride and it was determined for certain reasons of which True is aware but I shall not recount now that I would make the perfect bride. In the clan, marriage is seldom condoned prior to the age of 15 so Ruarc had the brilliant idea for me to have a growth inhibitor implanted so that when I was of a marriageable age, Rold would still find me, shall we say, attractive. For once, Vin didn't even comment on True's harsh language when she iterated her revulsion for both men involved in no uncertain terms.

How come they didn't step in? Rhianna allowed the commentary to die down before proceeding with her tale. So, while I am physically still as I was on my twelfth birthday, I am chronologically fourteen years in age," Rhianna allowed a disheartened sigh to escape her lips before she continued. However, Ruarc yields much power. So to avoid open controversy, a plot was devised by which I would take Rold with me on a mission and get caught. Prior to embarking on this mission, certain connections — friends if you will - made arrangements to have my growth inhibitor removed. At the same time as that procedure was done, I was able to glean the information to further deactivate True's growth inhibitor.

As I mentioned certain payoffs were made to ensure my sentencing. Never having been caught before it was unique that I should be sentenced to undergo Traa Eebyrrtys.

Escorf addition, other arrangements were made so that in all the records I will be listed as dead, having not survived the Traa Eebyrrtys. There will be no observers coming to look for me. The nature of some of Rold's more heinous crimes were 'leaked' and he was sentenced to death. The clan was rid of a monster, though I am no doubt now outcast. Uhiverse in the clan will believe me dead, and all will know that I purposely allowed our capture, but they cannot reach me here so I universee safe from retribution. True had once held a great deal of Clan loyalty and Rhianna was unsure of her reaction. True gave her a smile and wink. The monster had to be stopped, clan leader's son or no.

Besides True had learned a great deal since coming to this time and place and now questioned many of the old clan ways herself. That was quite a tale! Standish," the green-eyed girl answered inclining her head. Rhianna cast a questioning green gaze around the circle of men. Refraining from reading them out of courtesy, since they were True's family now. Tanner was appointed her brother and guardian," Ezra explained. True seemed content enough with her new family, but Rhianna was well used to her freedom. Any chance of a leak? And Ruarc ain't gonna take Rold's death lightly.

The clan'll have a blood contract out on you. The only one who might come to check on me is Blaed and his new partner is Degan so I don't have a thing to worry about. I came to deactivate your growth inhibitor, visit for a bit and then explore this century. I will be taking my leave in a few days time. Larabee, I am actually fourteen. That still's not old enough to go traipsin' around the countryside on your own, especially when you might have bounty hunters of one kind or another after you.

As green eyes fanfictioh in silent confrontation fandiction others struggled to hide secen of amusement. Knowing both Chris and Rhianna, True fanfictoin having difficulty not breaking out in a laughing fit. Due to her position in the clan, Magnificent seven fanfiction escort universe was used to very little if any censorship. Back home, True had actually wished once or twice that someone would take her down a notch. This could get down right interesting. The comments drew Univerze immediate attention away from Chris. I am not going to be esvort to anyone and I would thank you kindly not to speak as if I am not even in the room. Though Rhianna didn't appear to be quite the hellion that True was the black clad gunman could tell she was going to be somewhat of a Magnficent.

He was probably unlverse best choice. True was well sdven how Chris would react to an outburst of Rhianna's temper and tried to convey that to her cousin, but Rhianna was shielding now. Green eyes flashing in anger the young blonde continued, "You need to get it through your idiodic skull that there is no way in hell that I am staying here for more than a few days visit with True. If you think otherwise you can go screw yourself. Not just because the blond man had just delivered the first swats she had ever experienced in her lifetime but because she hadn't "felt" him coming. She always knew when someone was going to attack her. However, Rhianna was having no difficulty reading Chris now and knew good and well he would follow through with his threat.

Given the current discomfort in her nether regions she had no desire to find out what a "proper tanning" would feel like. Seeing the girl's capitulation Chris added, "From this point on I am also your uncle. Chris landed another swat on her stinging bottom, "Yes, sir," he corrected. Though a smart reply was on the tip of her tongue one look at his blazing green eyes had Rhianna swallowing it. Chris released her with one more look of warning. Been staying with her mother's relatives back east after her ma died too. It's best this way.

She had resigned herself to her fate for now. She needed to deactivate True's growth inhibitor then she could see about finding an opportunity to take her leave. Season 2 began airing on CBS again in January The network ran eight episodes before cancelling it for the second time. Many fans consider the final "unaired" episodes to be the series' best. After ending its run there, it was shown on the Hallmark Channel, and then later on Showtime's action channel.

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