Escort airbag light flashing

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The Airbag light is on - Ford Escort LX Wagon 94

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This does not indicate a fault code If a system fault is present and the air bag warning indicator is malfunctioning, an audible tone will be heard, indicating that system service is required. The airbag diagnostic monitor in a ford escort is a "blue" box, that sits in a tight compartment near the floor toward the firewall. The airbag diagnostic monitor is designed to hold power for 1 minute after the vehicle power is cut off, and will deploy the airbags if you do not wait. Check the AirBag fuse. This initial six seconds of air bag warning indicator illumination continuous warning indicator is considered normal operation and is called "prove out" of the air bag warning indicator.

Read this about airbag codes: If the tone is heard, the air bag warning indicator is inoperative and a system fault that requires service is present.

Light Escort flashing airbag

For example, a fault code 32 is displayed as follows: Remove the wire clips from the airbag diagnostic monitor. The model numbers are on top of the monitor the manufacturing date is listed last, and is irrelevant ; Most ford vehicles of use the same monitor with different positioning brackets, and are generally located in the same area of the vehicle. Remove the diagnostic monitor retaining bolts 10mm, 2 on driver side, and 1 on passenger side.

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