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This is a part of the smart ad serving Avswikia — you can Adswikia the dAswikia to show ads for non-Google Play users only. And since that community is small enough, it makes sense getting advertised by word-of-mouth. NET30, convenient payout systems: Just publish it, let it go and enjoy the profit. Too many of ads for Google Play installs can affect your app rating and promotion strategy. Mostly it is focused on smart trigger-based ad serving, which generates legit additional advertising revenue stream for Google Play or non-Google Play users, depending on your settings. They work with major and trusted ad networks like Startapp, Mobfox, inMobi and others, which means that those ads will be totally legit and Google Play compliant.


With Addvertize this is manageable in one click. All you need is just one APK for all of those traffic sources. The more hard-earned money from ads you will get — the better for everybody. Wire, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, other systems are negotiable. The project is offering NET30 payments, which is a standard for most of legit ad serving platforms.

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That means that the integration and the set-up process should be as easier as possible for you. The other feature that guarantees you an increased ad income. Lots of apps get hacked or injected with adware, malware, miner e. Meaning that only you will be getting the traffic,not them. Protection from SDK removal: For example, investing thousands of dollars in live installs and skyrocketing your app in top of charts is a very important — and expensive — venture. All is controlled remotely.

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