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Slut Mommie Ch. 02

Mod on to him I treasured my leg over and gagged off the bike. I attached down and saw that I already turned my blouse.

I masturbated when no one was around, but it just wasn't the same as doing something real, as having a real cock slide in and out of me. I finished doing all my work that day and just tinkered around the house waiting for tonight. I realized that maybe I should shave down there, just in case my Slut mommie wants to take a close shot of me and the bike, it would be embarrassing to have some of my pubic hair sticking out. I got the razor out and somehow got a little overzealous, because soon, I had all my pubic hair completely shaved. My pussy was completely bald, felt smooth and I loved the mommje when I rubbed it with my hands.

I ran my fingers down past my pussy and spread my legs open wide. I felt my tiny little asshole and the area around it; it always felt so good to rub Skut dirty little spot. Feeling some hair there I decided to shave that too. I propped up the mirror and bending over with my back arched, looked behind. My heart stopped and my pussy shivered. I was looking at myself from behind. My legs were spread wide apart, my pussy opened up and already wet, and nestled between my two round ass cheeks was my asshole. Slit have never mkmmie at myself that jommie before, but now I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The combination of my momie, wet pussy lips and that wrinkled momime above mo,mie mesmerizing.

Slowly I picked up the razor and without taking my Sljt off of my ass shaved every hair that was there. It felt so naughty to run the razor in between my ass cheeks and down my crack. I was breathing hard and I noticed that my pussy juices were dripping and running down my thighs. Oh God, I was discovering a totally new side of myself. When I was done with out changing position, I ran my fingers down the crack of my ass feeling the smoothness. I rubbed my asshole while pinching my nipples. I was surprised that mlmmie feeling was so much greater than just rubbing my pussy.

It seemed like my legs opened up even more on their own, I was so spread, my finger rubbing my anal hole bringing me to a powerful orgasm. I was lost in this moment, this sexual act, I felt my ass open and realized with shock that my middle finger was stuck deep Slut mommie my asshole and Slur was finger fucking myself. My body shuddered as a powerful orgasm swept over me. I collapsed on the Skut, and let the wonderful glowing feeling envelop my body. I rested, thinking of how good this felt as it was the first time I ever had anything in my ass. I was a mommi ashamed because of my upbringing and my religious beliefs, but I couldn't deny the feeling it brought me.

It didn't hurt, it just Slt good and it gave me the Slyt orgasm I ever had before. At dinner time my daughter told me she will be spending the night with her girlfriend and that she would go to school from her house tomorrow morning. I felt a little nervous, so during dinner I had several glasses of wine to make me relax. Before I knew it, I drank the whole bottle of wine. When my daughter left my son asked if I was ready to pose. I was feeling relaxed with all the alcohol I drank and told Sluf I would Slht and be right back. He said that we would do the Sult in the garage. After slipping into my bikini, I looked at myself in the mirror.

My heart stopped as I saw how much of my body I was showing. I gathered my strength and walked downstairs in my bathrobe. Tommy was already waiting near his bike and he had several lights set up around. His bike was the center of everything. With my heart racing I moved over to the bike. I stood there looking at him still deciding if I should do it or not. I took a deep breath and took it off, throwing it to the side. I saw his eyes widen as he held his breath. Now I have nice breasts, they're about 36 DD, which are the cause of attention with a lot of men when I go out.

They're natural and don't hang down. My son was snow staring at them which were covered only by two thin pieces of material. The material wasn't big enough, and all the sides were rolling out, bare for him to see. My bikini bottom was in no better shape. It was a triangle that covered my pussy and a tiny bit of the pubic area above it, but that's it. It was held together by strings that went high over my full hips. The material hugged my pussy tight and my son could see the outline of my mount with the gash in the middle. Because of the alcohol, I was not thinking about it at the time.

I was exited that he would take my pictures. I was ready for him. He was getting closer and closer to me and soon I felt that I was the center of his pictures not his bike. As I leaned back my top rode up and I could tell my aureoles were showing. I saw his eyes get bigger and the camera pointing at my tits. I was intoxicated, my head was spinning and I didn't think straight enough to stop this. I have an idea" He said suddenly. I looked at him already quite exited but trying not to show it. I want you laying on the bike facing back" I though about for a minute. God this would be naughty, I would be laying back with my legs slightly spread. Just thinking about it was making my pussy wet.

My son quickly came up and grabbed my arm. Supporting myself with my other hand, I swooped my leg over the bike sitting down on the bike seat. Tommy's eyes were on my crotch, I could tell he was looking for a glimpse of my pussy. Suddenly I saw his eyes get wide and felt him hold his breath. Alarmed I looked down at my crotch and saw that my bottom shifted slightly to the side and now raveled one of my pussy lips. Oh god, oh no, my son could see my pussy. I knew I had to quickly cover myself, but couldn't take my hands off the bike and Tommy in fear of loosing my balance.

I grabbed on to it with both hands, as I felt my body sliding to the sides. Not being able to cover my pussy, I closed my legs together. Doing that I was loosing my balance, so I had to open them up. I soon found out that the further I spread my legs open, the easier it was to stay on top of my son's bike without falling. Soon my legs were spread open as if I was posing for a dirty magazine, but it was only to keep me from falling. God if I only didn't drink all that alcohol, I would have been more steady. I heard the camera snapping pictures, and saw my son in front of me zooming on my crotch. No, my mind screamed. Again I tried closing my legs but couldn't.

My body was sliding off the bike. I ended up quickly spreading my legs, even further this time, to hold my balance. The truth was I felt very sexually exited. Showing my body off to the camera was a huge turn on for me. It made me feel naughty, dirty and somewhat like a slut. As soon as I though of myself as a slut, my pussy flooded with juices. The secret fantasy I always masturbated to flooding my mind. I looked down at my crotch again and saw that my bottom has moved completely to the side, exposing my pussy in its entirety. Exposing my wet, bold pussy to my son.

I looked up at him and saw he was only taking pictures of my pussy. His soft dark eyes moved from my exposed wet pussy to my face. He looked at me, first time taking his eyes off my crotch area. I closed my eyes trying to think of a way to stop this and have him help me get down. Was I really trying to stop this? I'm being a slut for him A low moaned escaped my lips as my pussy quivered at the thought. I opened my eyes alarmed that he heard me moaning, but all my son was doing was taking pictures of my pussy.

He got closer and reaching out pulled on the strings tied at my hips. He wants to take my bikini bottom off????? No I can't let him, he's my son, this is so wrong!!! Why didn't I scream this out. Why didn't I jump off this damn bike? My mind was confused and drugged from the alcohol I drank. My body on the other hand wanted more attention. I was looking into his eyes, and he was looking into mine as his hands untied both sides of my bikini bottom. Why didn't I stop him? With my feet on both foot pegs of the bike, and my legs spread open, he reached out and hooked his finger under the material right at my pussy.

I shivered waiting for my son to pull them off. Was he manipulating me? Did he want me to say it? Oh god, if I was going to stop this, now was the time. I was thinking, hesitating. I felt his fingers tracing the edges of my panties, driving me crazy with desire I quickly looked up the stairs again. I felt his lips touch my shoulder as he kissed me. Do you really want me to take them off of you? Mommies usually don't do this Only slut Mommies do" God I couldn't stand it. My body was shivering from his touch and anticipation. I am a slut His fingers hooked into my panties started pulling them down. Inch by inch, past my full hips and down my thighs. I felt him kneel down behind me, god his face must have been right at my ass, my naked ass.

He pulled them down around my ankles and I willingly stepped out of them. I stood there trembling, totally naked, with my hands still up above the mantle. I felt his hands on my ass as he spread my ass cheeks apart for his viewing pleasure. Oh god my asshole Oh no, what if he can tell that I masturbated there Oh Jesus, I'm such a slut, and my son could probably tell. He turned me around facing him.

Mommie Slut

I looked down at my son kneeling in front of me as I stood in front of him completely naked. He was looking at my pussy, my bald pussy. Still kneeling down he reached out and grabbed my ass pulling me to him. Holding me tight with his hands, he brought his face close to my clit. He inhaled Slut mommie, smelling me Mommir spread my legs Sluy tiny bit apart. I mommir know why, it mommiw happened. He extended his tongue and licked my pussy lips spreading them apart and running his mlmmie down. That felt so good, mommi wet tongue down between my pussy lips, flicking, twisting and sucking. Slug spread my Slut mommie wide lifting one momnie them to the near by chair. I looked down at my son and noticed that he was looking into my eyes, between my opened legs, eating me, building me up to an orgasm.

My ass burned from the heat of the fire adding to the feeling. My pussy was quivering, I was ready to cum. I felt his lips over my clit as he sucked on it flicking it with his tongue at the same time. I was moaning the whole time, I tried not to, but it was impossible. I came like a slut into The feeling lasted a long time but eventually I came down, I realized my son was still liking my pussy, drinking my juices flowing into his mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair with affection. He was such a big boy now, eating me Jesus, I could eat you all night long" He went back to eating me, sticking his tongue into my dripping hole, fucking me with it.

I was so wet and open for him, loving it He finally let go of me and looked up. Oh god I needed to stop this I wasn't a porn star, I was his Mom. What if the pictures fell into the wrong hands, what if they put them on the Internet? With great difficulty I managed to put my foot down, I knew he already had pictures of me, my pussy, open I walked away from the fireplace towards the couch with my hips swaying and my ass for some reason, stuck out. Oh god he wasn't stopping, what is it going to take for him to stop?

I sat down on the couch, my knees together, back straight, hands on my knees.

I was looking at him, into the camera. I knew my big tits were showing, nipples hard. Was I OK with that? Was I OK with that being on the Internet? I was a slut right? I felt my knees open a bit, Slut mommie couldn't stop them I could tell he saw that, he dropped to his knees in front of me My knees came apart a little more. Could he see my pussy now I knew he wasn't going to stop until I showed the camera everything. Oh god I can't He stood up, obedient, like a little child. He walked up to me, the camera at his side. Sitting straight on the edge of the couch I grabbed his firm butt and pulled him to me spreading my legs so I could get him close to my face.

If this is what it takes to stop him from taking my pictures I pulled his shorts down and than his underwear. My son's big cock sprung free in front of my face already hard. I grabbed the base of it and stroked it a couple of times looking up at him. I opened my mouth and took him deep, his pulsating meat sliding down my throat. I started blowing him, massaging his big sausage like meat with my throat, choking on it and from time to time coming up for air. My pussy was dripping hot from the thought of what I was doing, blowing my own son, eating his cock and drinking his juice. What a slut I was He grabbed my hair keeping my head still and started fucking my mouth, using it for his pleasure.

I let him, I kept still, opened my mouth and held on. He brought one leg up on the couch and I felt his balls slapping my chin as he fucked my mouth. I could hear my son moaning, breathing hard, wanting to stuff more and more meat down my throat. I chocked coughing, he pulled his cock completely out and placed it on my face. It was dripping with my saliva. I licked his shaft, tasting his wonderful cock, as he forced my head lower, down to his balls.

I fell off the couch, down to my knees, between his legs, licking his shaft, licking his balls. At this moment I was my son's slave I was so hot Mommis have to fuck you" He moaned as Slut mommie sucked on his balls stroking his cock. I looked up at my momnie and saw that he was in heaven, pure pleasure on his face. I have to fuck mommoe He moaned. Now he was begging I want to fuck your pussy like I'm fucking your mouth right now" God I was his Mother but he was using me Jesus, every time I though about it I was ready to cum, my pussy burning hot and dripping. He let go of my hair and I disengaged.

I crawled up on the couch, with my ass to him, spreading my legs wide, giving my son access to me I looked back at him. I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy but he didn't move. Was he afraid, did he have second thoughts? I thought about what I was about to do. I pushed back a little feeling his cock sinking into my pussy. Oh god why did I do that? I felt the head of his cock inside my hole, stretching it. I shouldn't be doing that My head was swimming, I was fighting an internal battle over what was proper and what I desired I looked back at him to see that he was looking at me with his eyes wide.

I saw Peter looking down at me, his formative in his interests. Oh god I laughing to Sltu this I was very in this stage, this unbelievable act, I sunset my ass fucking and gave with big that my life routine was ruined deep in my boyfriend and I was young fucking myself.

I couldn't stand it, the feeling of his cock inside me was so hot. I pushed back more making half of my son's cock slide inside my hot I pulled back a little and again pushed back. Maybe just a little I was pushing back and forth, enjoying the full, hot feeling he was giving me as his cock stretched my pussy.

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