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Life without you is like words without vowels A minute drive through the picturesque mountains took us to classy Alicante. The main sights to see here are the Santa Barbara castle cuet on a mountain top in the city center and the port of Alicante right next to it. It is Romaantic main promenade, where you can discover the essence of the city and enjoy delicious seafood in one of the many restaurants. We also made a day aicante to Valencia. It is located much further away from Benidorm but is absolutely worth visiting. This city has an intriguing blend of old and new: My favorite place by far on this trip was the city of Arts and Sciences Area.

If a time machine exists, it is right here. It feels like you have travelled into the future. Overall, even though I never actually met Pedro, I would absolutely recommend his listing to anyone looking for a peaceful, private, centrally located place to stay in Alicante. The appartement was very clean, the beds were good and Pedro is a very nice and friendly man. He lives In a quiet area, so we could sleep well! A german couple AngelikaT He provided us with a map and a list of places that are worth visiting. There wasn't a problem with us coming to his place near midnight we got a night flight or with leaving our luggage at his place after the check-out for a while.

We got our own set of keys to use during our stay.

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We started every day with communal breakfast and coffee on a balcony. The place is really nice, has a view of the plaza from the balcony. The Internet connection quality is good, so you could easily use it. Around the city you can see Renaissance palaces and important churches, which are reminders of how the city was an important textile centre. Of course there are numerous religious buildings both within the town walls and outside, some of which can be linked with the life of St Teresa. Apart from a great wealth of interesting sites, Avila it is also famous for its rich local cuisine.

Try roasts, veal cutlets and of course, yemas, which is the special desert of the saint. The Catalan capital is easy to navigate, but while checking out its legendary architecture, be aware of its somewhat legendary pickpockets. I love the buzz that Barcelona is…the beachlife, the nightlife and how it delights all of the senses. Bilbao is symbolic of urban renewal. Imaginative pintxo tapas bars have sprung up in its rather colourful old quarter, and around the city a selection of hidden gems have become revitalised.

However this city was the capital of the Castille-Leon kingdom for five centuries, so it was of great importance in its day.

Today Burgos preserves its fair share of evidence of its medieval splendour. As you may expect from another important stopping place for pilgrims, Burgos also has alicanet of delicious cuisine on offer. Wander by the rivers Arlanza and Duero, to enjoy the inn and discovering great eateries. Please note that the link below is for the province of Burgos, Rkmantic the city only. The link for the city tourism gifl currently only in Spanish, gjrl here it is Burgos City. Think Havana-Cuba, think flamenco, picture beaches that seem to go on for miles and think sea port taverns with noise exploding from their innards…Cadiz has oodles of character, intriguing sights and streets, plus wonderful seafood.

At the time of writing, in latethis fine city is, as yet, not that well known to English-speaking tourists. However, this is set to change, as the airport of Castellon is due to start operating commercially in The city has heaps of attractions, including beautiful churches, aristocratic houses, and its port area, known as El Grao de Castellon. As you might expect from a city on the Orange Blossom Coast, the landscape is a vibrant combination of orange groves, as well is fertile plains and sandy beaches. The city and coastal area is protected by the Serralada de les Palmes, which is the mountain range that overlooks the area. Highlights in the city include the central market, the Town Hall, the Santa Maria Cathedral and a range of lovely, historical mansions.

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