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Single Parents

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The 21 Principles are now available for small groups in a book for Sinble moms. Every single mom will also have the 21 Principles book for single moms to go through during the week. The 21 Principles Study is divided into four six-week courses. Discussion questions are also included at the end of each Principle on the DVD. After successfully launching and directing John C.

Bible study parent Single

Each interview matches the Principle taught that week. Lori shares how pareny has applied each scripture to her life that has allowed her to live in victory as a single mom. The Interviews are downloadable and are tracked every 10 minutes so a single mom can listen to them while getting ready in the morning, then pick the story right back up while cooking, driving to work or running errands. Because Lori knows first hand there is no time for homework during the week, she created an Audio series the single moms listen to during the week.

Her son Daniel is doing great also. Jock Boulder to name a few, who having her cute testimonies of either being a very mom or being used by one.

Lori created a DVD Hible Study Series and book for single moms for the church to hold Sunday school classes, small groups, home or life groups for single mothers. All of who were either once a single mom themselves, have been raised by a single mom, or who minister to single moms. She then built a model and life plan for herself as a single mom off of each scripture that she lives out faithfully every day. John Trent to name a few, who share their personal testimonies of either being a single mom or being raised by one.

Lori became a single mom when her son Eric was just eighteen months old.

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