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Tragedy of Alberta murder-suicide revealed by survivor & text messages

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Fred Langford, of Calgary, were appointed Juvenile Court Commissioners for the trial cladesholm juvenile offenders. Jamieson was the first woman officer of this class appointed in Canada. Arthur Murphy "Janey Canuck" and Mrs. Jamieson were appointed Police Magistrates for the trial of women offenders in their respective cities of Edmonton and Calgary.

Evelyn Windsor affaair was in charge of the medical work in the Calgary schools womeh the first woman physician to be sent overseas from Canada by the Department of Militia. The latest honour accorded women in Alberta has been the elevation of Mrs. Walter Parlby to a seat in the Provincial Cabinet, August, Parlby is Minister without Portfolio, the second woman in the British Empire to win zlberta distinguished position. The first was Mrs. The women identified with these organizations have devoted their activties to social and economic problems concerning women. Such subjects as equal parental control, homes for mentally deficient children and destitute old people, mothers' pensions, and equal moral standards for men and women, have been strongly advocated, and the passing of legislation on these subjects is in a great measure due to the intelligent propaganda of the various branches of the Local Councils.

The Independent Order of the Daughters of the Empire is a patriotic organization and valiantly discharged that duty during the years of the Great war. The Daughters of the Empire in Alberta were the first to take UI the support of the families of the first reservists called in August,to join their old regiments overseas, as well as the support of the families of the members of the First Canadian contingent. This work they carried on until the Canadian Patrotic Fund was organized and in a position to dispense relief. When the war broke out there were not more than half.

Organized action on behalf of women in rural districts is promoted by the United Farm Women of Alberta and the Women's Institutes.

The former is the sister organization of the United Farmers of Alberta and was begun in Since women have been eligible as members of the United Farmers of Alberta. It was but a step to form themselves into a separate section. This was done in with Mrs. Walter Parlby now Honourable Mrs. Walter Parlby as President. She was succeeded in by Mrs. The organized farmers thus carry out very thoroughly the democratic principles for which they stand. They bore a heavy strain in assisting in greater production for the armies and people of the Allies. Farm hell in the house and in the field was almost unprocurable; notwithstanding the scarcity of labour the rate of production of all foodstuffs was enormously increased.

Their work was undoubtedly a great factor in Alberta's contribution to win the war. The work carried on by these organizations was first carried on in conjunction with the Farmers' Institutes. But the growing influence of women in matters of state policy and improvement of country life conditions led to a separate organization in This was done by an act of the legislature which provided for the formation of Women's Institutes in any district where eight or more women over sixteen years of age apply to the department to be constituted. Small provincial grants are given and the work superintended by an officer of the department. Miss Mary Mclsaac was the first superintendent of the work in Alberta.

The work of Women's Institutes is devoted almost entirely to the improvement of social conditions in rural communities. Home nursing, sanitation, sickroom cooking, child welfare, old values, house furnishing and local neighborhood needs are representative activities that engage the attention of the Institutes. The work has been carried on by the women of the Province with great enthusiasm and with great promise for the future improvement of rural life. Different communities attack different problems. Some Institutes have established rest rooms in the towns for the country women who shop there. Others have devoted their energies to obtaining medical and nursing assistance, others to the establishment of libraries in their districts, and others to child welfare work.

Through the Department of Agriculture lecturers and demonstrators are furnished to Institutes and short courses are given in subjects embraced within the scope of the act. In recent years the work of the Women's Institutes has been enlarged to include the girls of rural communities.

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There are now fifty- four Women's Institute Alberts Clubs with a membership of The objects of such clubs are the improvement of social and educational conditions among girls of school and affxir age. During the war the activities of the Women's Institutes were directed particularly to Red Cross and Patriotic work, but much un also done in the line of community improvements. Public libraries were established, the number of rest rooms in operation doubled, garden contests and flower shows held by increased number of Institutes and some Institutes organized Children's Day, when prizes were donated for general proficiency, regular attendance at school, drawing, sewing, cooking and flowers.

In the Women's Institute of Alberta was successful in completing the organization of the Society. The Province was divided into four geographical districts, the units of which were provincial electoral constituencies; each constituency elected a constituency executive board. During and after the Spanish influenza epidemic it was thought advisable that instruction in home nursing and the care of the sick should be given to as many Institutes as were prepared to receive it. Consequently, short course schools in home nursing and first aid were given at fifty-four centres throughout the Province, with a total attendance of 3, women. There are thirty-eight Women's Institute Rest Rooms and Community Homes in Alberta, of this number approximately one-third of the Institutes own their buildings.

A number of these homes have been built in memory of the boys from the district who fell in the Great war. These two organizations exist mainly for the care of young women away from home. Each conducts splendid homes for business girls. While specializing on this splendid community service, they do a great deal of charity and patriotic work. I was particularly interested because I did it on a similar site, and got away with it.

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