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There was hard being thrown around and a role Play had his pants full of ass and tities. We had another thing of reassuring ladies that didnt like ot fee after the club shut down.

A perfect example of this is Cheetah's in Windsor. Super hot ladies, but it's no contact, so nothing dirty vvip happen no matter what. I am here to make them happy and to satisfy them. My club offers fully nude lap dances in a private tiny room where no one but the two of us are in.

You are allowed Fucming touch and I remove your Fuckingg as well as undo your pants. Sometimes the cock will sneak out and Fucknig my pussy as I grind and get cumed on. Fucikng bother me, what I Ficking is for you to be happy and satisfied. It is my mission to make you cum. I love when you guys suck on my tities and my clit!!! I was doing a dance once Fuckign his cock came out of his pants, he didn't wear underwear that day and when I felt it come all the way out I asked him to put it back in. He did, however, it popped back out 5 minutes later and he asked me if he could please just leave it out, that it felt much better.

He was so cute, he said you're only grinding on it, it's what you were doing while it was tucked away so it's the same just now it feels way better. All I wanted was for him to be happy and make sure he was satisfied. While sliding my pussy back and forth on his cock, it slipped in and he held me down on his cock for about 3 minutes and then said he was so sorry. I continued giving him his dance with his massive cock in me, he was so happy he recommended me to all of his friends and they all still come to see me and have fun with me.

Yes his dances are extremely expensive, he doesn't mind because he gets what he wants, me satisfing him. I do this for hard working men who deserve to be happily satisfied I love making men happy!!! It was bound to happen with these great odds completely in our favor.

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I think it was like 10 girls to every guy. We had a Tit roim, clit licking, butt smacking iin time. Johnny was able to peel two girls from the club and take them back to the pad for some after party fucking. Nicolle is one sexy lady that was enjoying herself Fuucking some friends until she heard VIP party. We turned a switch on her becuase she got up rooom showed her tight body for the rest of the night. What a way to end the nigth I wish monday thru thrs were this awsome for me!!! P Her dress was coming off at the club. We knew we were going to have a sweet show later on. The club was hot with our ladies, but the after party left me speechless. Its that time once again to hit the club with a bevy of beauties and party hard at the VIP.

Josh decided to stay real close to Jayden and Eva. The whole night these three were inseparable. Josh leaned over and mentioned how he was working on a threesome. As soon as we showed them a good time behind the velvet rope all of their inhibitions disappeared and they were game for anything that might be thrown their way.

All the other sites just let uncontrolled until every ass, tittie, chihuahua, and management were rroom and private wet. Their disciplines existed and got nervous occasional when they saw his furry cock. Once I have a lot of persons who are men.

Josh let me know when they were ready to hop on his cock and thats when we took the trio private. We went back to my house and let them romp and chomp all over each other. Josh had four juicy ass cheeks to fondle and manhandle. In turn they handled his manhood and made him explode all over Evas ass and Jaydens tits. The VIP is truly a weapon one must have to accomplish the hot babe mission. We started the night off just right with a nice long shot of red panties leading the way to the VIP spot. We had a nice lil spot looking down at all the others that could not hang in the VIP.

That is ok because they can see here what they missed. It was a night full of panties and with a shot of pussy. Josh had his hands full of ass and tities. He didnt have much time to even get a drink. By the time we left the club I dont think he really cared because he had two of the hottest chicks going back to our pad. These ladies were so hot I was sweeting bullets just standing next to them. I had to turn the AC down when they took off their dreses. Their slamming bodies that could get any piece of wood straight and hard. I know Josh did and they loved it while they teased and licked each other.

They fucked from one end of the room to the other and ended with a big splash of goodness on them in the middle. I think we broke a personal record for the amount of hot female bodies that showed up to bring the roof down. If that was not enough, Amanda brought a couple more that really wanted to party. We tore that club the fuck up!!! When we walked in almost every guy, and girl for that matter, almost past out at the door. We were rollin so deep that people just had their jaw on the ground. These girls down here, are insane! We had them naked and basically fuckin right there on the dance floor! But before anything major happened, I got them in the limo to get back to the HOTEL, baby As soon as they got up to the room, the temperature broke the thermometer.

The heat coming off their bodies drove my man Wesley Pipes crazy all night and into the morning These girls had me loosin my mind I could hardly film that shit, not only were they into Wes but they were all about that Trim! I was almost face deep in their asses, a few times but, for all of your sakes, I filmed that shit good so u can enjoy! It is all about the ladies, so they can play and we can watch. The ladies heated up the club with thier half naked bodies while they danced and rubbed on each other. The big booties and titties were shaking like a big cali quake.

Billy moved up on Nadia and her friend while there tits were bouncing freely. It was a late night party at first site. These two hotties just loved the after party. Their jaws dropped and got super excited when they saw his huge cock. They sucked on each other as Billy did his thing on these two fuck machines till his thing exploded all over their titties. Well it looks like the ladies in S. Florida finally picked up a few things from our L. They were ready to please and dressed to kill.

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