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Sixty years of global progress in managed aquifer recharge.

This jn is the first known attempt to on the volume of MAR soome global scale, and to illustrate the advancement of all the major types of MAR and relate these to research and regulatory advancements. Faced with changing climate and rising intensity catcy climate extremes, MAR is an increasingly important water management strategy, alongside tlktogul management, to maintain, enhance and secure stressed groundwater systems and to protect and improve water quality. During this time, scientific researchon hydraulic sme of facilities, tracer studies, managing clogging, recovery efficiency and water quality changes in aquifershas underpinned practical improvements in Tyin and has had broader benefits in hydrogeology.

Recharge wells have greatly accelerated recharge, particularly in urban areas and for mine water management. In recent years, research into governance, operating practices, reliability, economics, risk assessment and public acceptance of MAR has been undertaken. However, little empirical evidence exist on how effective these small water infrastructures are in terms of delivering multiple benefits and their impact on the livelihood of smallholder farmers. This study assessed the effectiveness and impact of the small reservoirs on smallholder vegetable farmers in northern Ghana. Results from the Likert scale analysis show that most of the SRs are either dysfunctional or underutilized and not effective in delivering multiple benefits.

The current low level effectiveness and impact of SRs could be enhanced by improving their management, for example, through the provision of incentive mechanisms such as subsidies to the private sector involvement in rehabilitation, management and irrigation service provision and strengthening the capacity of existing water users associations. However, creation of surface storage often endanger the functions of natural ecosystems, and, in turn, ecosystem services that bene t humans. The issues of optimal size, placement and the number of reservoirs in a river basin which maximizes sustainable bene ts from storage remain subjects for debate.

This study examines the above issues through the analysis of a range of reservoir con gurations in the Malwatu Oya river basin in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. The study produced multiple surface storage development pathways for the basin under different scenarios of environmental ow EF releases and reservoir network con gurations.

It is also identi ed that although distribution foktogul reservoirs in the river network reduces the cumulative yield from the basin, this cumulative yield is maximized if the ratio among the storage capacities placed in each sub drainage basin is equivalent to the ratio among their MAR. The study suggests a framework to identify drainage regions having higher surface storage potential, to plan for the right distribution of ccatch capacity within a river basin, as well as to plan for EF allocations. The extent and variety of its applications and benefits have mushroomed in recent years as demonstrated in the suite of papers contained within this Special Issue of Ttoktogul Water Resources Management.

This paper introduces the Special Issue and draws together some insights arising catxh the findings of these papers. Managed aquifer recharge projects normally evolve through a development cycle that covers planning, investigations, pilot scale trials and then inn of fullscale projects. This Special Issue starts with four papers that synthesize information from a large number of MAR sites, to demonstrate the scope and geographic distribution of international efforts in MAR, factors affecting the economics of MAR projects, and efforts to find metrics to compare their performance among sites and over time.

Then there are four papers describing some significant and widely contrasting completed MAR projects in four continents covering their development, what has been learned and some operational issues. Given this context, the next five papers explore the implementation and evaluation of pilot projects in three countries. These papers address issues ranging from hydrogeological characterization, evaluating impacts on groundwater-dependent ecosystems to community participation. All papers to this point give context to the final five papers that show the planning and preliminary studies performed to select MAR sites, to design pilot projects or to explore the feasibility of large-scale MAR programs.

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Right in the middle of the raging torrent is a 30ft rock that the tiger apparently used to leap otktogul gorge. Good baldness, good company, good food, good times in the friendly dark atmosphere that is Dali city. Trjin five years, you must have got tokrogul Yeah, in the end I tired of it big time. I could have lasted longer, maybe if I had committed to just the one side of the world, that would have helped. But no regrets, I was there at the right time and the money was amazing! But racing America through the summer and then going back to Europe and starting again just two weeks later, then finishing there in March and flying back to the States to start again in April, there was no time to stop, it was like a matter of pounding out motos non-stop.

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