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Intelligent laser scanners In-plant logistics solutions increasingly use self-driving shuttle systems, known as side-tracking skates, between the conveyors. Nature, June article Abstract Developing adaptive materials with geometries that change in response to external stimuli provides fundamental insights into the links between the physical forces involved and the resultant morphologies and creates a foundation for technologically relevant dynamic systems1,2. However, these designs exhibit a limited range of topographical changes and thus a restricted scope of function. We analyse the spatial and temporal dynamics of these reconfigurations theoretically and experimentally as a function of the balance between capillary and magnetic pressures and of the geometric anisotropy of the FLIPS system.

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This redistribution changes the initially smooth surface of the ferrofluid which is immobilized by the porous matrix through capillary forces into various multiscale hierarchical topographies shaped by the size, arrangement and orientation of the confining microstructures in the magnetic field. Muting with complete sets Machine manufacturers wishing to implement access guarding with muting are often confronted with the problem that numerous individual components need to be ordered, installed and matched to one another.

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